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News Guardians of the Galaxy attraction confirmed for Epcot


Can't 'Member Anything
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You’re exactly correct. I just don’t imagine Bautista coming back to Disney unless Gunn is reinstated as director. Keep in mind, Bautista refusing to come back won’t do as much damage as, for instance, Pratt refusing to come back, which likely won’t be the case.
If he doesn't come back, no big deal. Everyone but Rocky got snapped anyway, yes/no?

Brer Oswald

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If he doesn't come back, no big deal. Everyone but Rocky got snapped anyway, yes/no?
Yes. It really doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. Don’t get me wrong, Drax is a funny character, but he’s not the protagonist. This is all dependant on what Pratt decides. Even if Guardians 3 gets canned, I’d assume he’d still be up for filming the Epcot attraction.


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Yes, it’ll all be used. Queues, queues, preshows, queues, load and unload.

There was talk of an expanding / reconfiguration of Epcot’s parking lot a while back.
Could be related to that new Epcot hotel. Gotta add more parking if you plan to remove some parking.


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Who gets to empty the porta-potty up there?
I knew there was some reason for me to keep the interesting pictures from the construction site next to where I used to work. I have a couple of pictures of them using the construction crane to raise or lower the porta-potties for ground-level maintenance. I can't find the picture I took from below. I didn't linger for that one because I was worried about leakage. :)

Flat roofs with EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) Rubber membranes are common in nearly any climate condition, save extremely high snow loads, and even then those can be adequately accommodated with a heftier structure. Freezing temps and precipitation are not factors that would inhibit use of a flat roof. Virtually every warehouse in the world, no matter the climate, is a flat roof.

I would be surprised if they use a ballasted system (tar and gravel) though, they aren't really used much anymore on new construction. The big question is whether the EPDM will be black or white. Latest research suggests they should cover it in a white membrane.
Ultimately, we decided the following is a picture of them testing the waterproofing for the roof of the building down the street. At first, someone thought there was going to be a fishpond on the roof. :) Someone also suggested the rails for the window washing crane were going to be some sort of ride system. :)


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The Epcot Hotel news is extremely surprising. Wonder if it's related to money being allocated elsewhere, or cooler heads prevailing about trying to maintain the area.


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Yep. I mentioned it a while back.

Let me reiterate “at the moment”. There’s other plans for the money but if they don’t materialise they could always revisit Epcot.
Are they revisiting building a 4th monorail resort? From a business perspective, this seems like a no-brainer from a room rate standpoint. I know there has been engineering issues in the past with building on that plot
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