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Group of 10 Dining... 6+4 Booking or Group Bookings?

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We have a group of 10 coming to WDW in July (My wife and I and our 5 kids [one of which is an 18 month who would be in a highchair]; my parents, and my sister-in-law). I have plenty of experience booking dining for smaller groups, but we've never been to Disney with a group this large. I've heard of two strategies for booking for such large groups. The first is to make reservations for two smaller groups (such as a group of 6 and a group of 4) as close together as possible then, when you arrive for the reservation, politely ask if the two groups can be sat together. The second option would be to call the phone number for dining reservations and ask for "group dining".

I was wondering if anyone had any experience either way with this and could shed some light on their experience. I think most places we want to go (Mama Melrose, Yak and Yeti, Liberty Tree), we'd be okay if we were not all at one big table, but we are hoping to also do Hoop Dee Doo and I'm not sure what we may need to accommodate there. I see most places online won't even let you book that big a reservation online. Can you through calling? Or will they just book two smaller reservations anyway?


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I haven’t called group dining, so can’t speak to that, but we’ve done some big groups. 17 was the largest. I would have a very clear plan of your preferred restaurants with times. If you can be flexible (later lunches/early dinners) you may have more luck. Plan your harder to get ADRs for later in your trip. Then try the group of 10 first. Some places can do 10. I would think Hoop Dee Doo would be able to accommodate that. Then if 10 doesn’t work try 5 and 5 or 6 and 4.
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Some have a limit on line Mama Melrose is 10, Liberty Tree is 8, Yak & Yeti is 6. Not sure if by call group reservation it would be different. Other that will accept 10 are 50s Prime Time, Be Our Guest, Biergarten, Boma, California Grill, Cape May, Homecoming, Hollywood Brown Derby, Hollywood & Vine, Jungle Skipper, Kona Cafe, Teppan Edo, and Yachtsman. Hope this helps.
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