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Ground Transportation Recommendations


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Hello All!

I just booked my first Disney Cruise on the Wish this coming September through Costco and am trying to figure out what to do for ground transportation between the Orlando airport and the cruise terminal. Any recommendations?

Also, our flight lands at 7:30am. What do people normally do with that much time prior to boarding? Arrive at the terminal early?

Any other tips also appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


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How many people? If 4+, then I'd say Happy Limo. Point-to-point can't be beat. And even with just two people and the cost of transfers nowadays, I'd normally spend more to take a private car for the convenience. Heck, even a rental car can be cheaper than some of the group buses. Long as you don't mind shuttle after dropping the car off.


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We used a Minnie Van once, and you may be able to book DCL transportation from MCO to Port Canaveral. Using Disney transport almost guarantees you won’t be left behind.

You technically won’t be allowed into the security line before your scheduled Port Arrival Time. I’d plan to be at the port 15-30 minutes prior to that time. 90 minutes from airport to Port Canaveral. You won’t have a lot of time to spare.

FWIW - I know not everyone can arrive early (for a multitude of reasons), but arriving the morning of the cruise is generally not a good idea. You have very little room for a late flight or any sort of delay. You’re arriving early, so hopefully that won’t be an issue since you can get onboard as late as 3pm.

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