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Does anyone know the reason why Griffin Rd was built between US192 and World Drive? When it was first built, a long, long time ago I thought something would soon be added there. But after all these years nothing has been done there. Was there some plan for it when it was built that changed? It seems hard to believe that it is only a giant long ramp to get to and from West 192 to South World Drive when they could have just added a couple more loops at the intersection.


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My guess -- and this is only a guess -- is that they originally planned to run that ramp a bit farther north than it currently runs (there are traces of some clearing visible) and ran into an issue that stopped them. Any closer to the 192/World drive intersection and they'd have to cut through some small hills (where the trees are) that show about 20 feet higher than grade on Google Earth.


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I think it may just have been an easy way to provide access to West bound 192 from North bound World Drive.


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Reedy Creek owns the roads and a parcel of land to the West of Griffin. But, the encircled land and the parcels to the East and South are owned by The Celebration Company.

IOW: I dunno.
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