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Hello if anyone reads,

I guess this is the typical first post. I recently retired so I may become a more frequent visitor to this site.

I am a typical Disney nut. Maybe not to the degree of some...but I do have a "Disney Room" in our home. I am sure that many here have much more than I do.

I first went to Walt Disney World in 1972 but only twelve total trips since. My wife says she wants to see different places, so I get to go once every few years. Last trip was 2010 when we stayed at the Yacht Club. We are going in September 2016 to the Contemporary Resort.

I came up with the name because I always look at my WDW Vacations as "Mission Disney". So "Starship Disney" departs again for a new mission in September 2016.

I already enjoy reading the forums. Just have not joined/posted until now.

Thanks. Starship Disney

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