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Great News!


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So, my Wife and I have been married for 11 year as of May 13, 2011. I am 33 and she is going to be 30 on May 21, 2011. We live in West Virginia and try to go to WDW at least once a year, sometimes twice. I have been almost every year of my life, and again...sometimes twice. We always have a blast, and feel like children on every trip. Well, to be honest the past few years have been great, however some of the magic has began to dwindle. We have no kids and have been trying since about the 3rd year of our marriage and have experienced two miscarriages.

Well, it seems as though the magic is about to get pumped back up! I am excited and almost in tears at the same time as I write this. My wife is pregnant! And with twins to boot! We both feel that God has blessed us at a time in our lives where we needed it the most, and with two peas in the pod coming at one time helps to make up for the two prior miscarriages. It has literally been killing me not to tell anyone, and we are nearing week 12 in just a couple days. Everything is A-OK! We still aren't telling anyone but immediate family, but I feel that you guys can keep a secret ;-) . The past pregnancies only made it to 8 weeks, and they finally attributed the loss to low hormone levels of progesterone in my Wife, and have remedied that with injections.

Anyway, we are both looking forward to the future, and being able to show new eyes the wonders that we have known our whole lives.

I just thought I would share.

Thanks and God bless!



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I wish the two of you great mercy and grace as you await the arrival of a healthy set of babies.


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That's amazing! Congratulations. I wish you a stress free pregnancy and delivery, and a quick return to the most magical place on earth with the two babies. Oh yeah, and may they be the easiest little babies that have ever graced the planet. And if they aren't easy (like my babies weren't!), my God give you the grace to just let go and know you can't control it all. And the freedom to look around and know that all other parents of babies are winging it too!


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Your secret is safe with me! :zipit: :lol:

Big ol' congrats to you both! I hope everything goes without a hitch and the babies arrive big-n-healthy. What fun you'll have watching your own little bundles learn the ways of the The World! Prayers and lots of good vibes coming your way! Thanks for sharing such happy news with us!!! :sohappy:


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Thanks everyone! Sorry it took so long to reply. I've been busy the past few days. We are so excited. The next ultrasound is May 17th. We should be able to tell what brand of human they are by then if they cooperate... :lookaroun

You can't type the Se-Hex word on here, LOL


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Congrats to you and your wife!!! Here is to hoping all goes well and you have 2 beatiful bundles of joy very soon!! Thanks very much for sharing and please keep us posted!!! :sohappy:

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