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Grand Gatherings Question


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For our trip in December we were planning on having dinner at Le Cellier and then doing the Illuminations Cruise on December 3rd. Now my mom, sister and nephew (age 9) will be joining us on our vacation :sohappy: . It will be there first trip to the world so we all decided to do the Grand Gathering Illuminations Dinner and Dessert Reception instead. So my questions are: Do you think we should stick with our original plans with the dinner @ Le Cellier with the cruise and have them join us. Please keep in mind we are traveling with four children ages 11,9,5, & 4. Or do you think the Grand Gathering would be better for our party because they have entertainment for the kids. Also, does anyone know where exactly they take you to view Illuminations for the Grand Gathering and if you could share your experiences I would really appreciate it. I want to help make their trip extra special. Thanks everyone.


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I have to second coltow on that one.

May I suggest dining at Le Cellier and doing the Magical Fireworks Voyage (MFV) instead of the IlluniNations cruise? We did the MFV and LOVED it. It was one of my favorite Disney activities I've ever done in all my visits. The event usually starts at the Contemporary at 8:30-ish I believe - plenty of time to do an early dinner at Le Cellier beforehand. Our 5- and 7-year-old kids in our party loved it - almost as much as DH and I did.
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