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Grand Floridian to MK Walkway


I do remember this exchange from several months back, but its been a while.

Well, if they ever build on the 'resort pad' once earmarked for the Venetian, it would make sense to have an elevated walkway on the Eastern side.
That’s a very very very good point.
Won’t stop them from possibly trying again ;)
Second wink...



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I add it up in my head: 1.5mi is 30min of walking. Easily a win on a busy day. Also, it'll likely be a quiet walk / break from the crowds. Another win.
I'm guessing the majority of the traffic will be TO the MK... with the boats and monorails dominant in the evening hours heading back.

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One last thing I just realized about this permit... The address listed is an address associated with the Grand Floridian, 3291 Floridian Way. So that, in addition to the permit being titled "Grand Floridian to ..." definitely makes me think this is a walkway that will start at the Grand Floridian.

The facility name is merely a location for the work. It does not necessarily describe what will be worked on. Odds are that the area on the plats is called Grand Floridian to MK Walkway.

You would need to go deeper into the permit to tell what is actually being done.


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So is this an elevated walkway to connect GF to MK?
I highly doubt they would build an elevated walkway. Anything elevated over the canal needs to be the same height as the monorail (around 65 feet I believe) to allow the boats to travel out of MK to dry dock for refurbishments. A drawbridge seems like the simplest and cheapest option to me.


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In a statement, an official said, “This walking path from Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa will give our Walt Disney World Resort hotel Guests another convenient way to reach Magic Kingdom Park.”

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