Grand Floridian to MK Walkway


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Calm down now. It took us nearly 25 years to get this. Expect a WL connection by 2050 at this rate.



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Cool! Don’t suppose you recorded it? 😉😁

At what kind of time was that? And where were you asked about tI nation?

I walked it around 8 pm. A Security guard at the magic kingdom boat dock where the GF path starts asked us where we were going and a construction security person at Poly asked us what we were doing as we were coming in from the GF and told us that you are only allowed through if you're staying there.


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The map has been updated with the new Castle design (showed up on the server last night, may not be live on the website/app yet). Besides the colors, a lot more detail has been added. In fact, much of the Magic Kingdom was updated in this latest map refresh.

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Full hi-res version here: Redesign.jpg?dl=0

Here's a quick comparison between the old and new versions:

View attachment 515261
As of this post, it hasn't hit the end-user yet.

Did they update the GF walkway and MK launches?


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That would be cool if I were into star bores. I think I did ST maybe three times since it was opened? Never a fan of sims like that. Went to the space center a couple of years ago and they have the same sim just different scenery. Felt the same about that one. I'm on the outs here.

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