Grand Floridian to MK Walkway


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Looks like about 1 1/4 miles. Too far for me too.
I'm guessing it would be a bit more than that if you're measuring the security gate at MK to the lobby building at Poly. Either way, it's a tough sell for someone who's been stomping around the MK all day.


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Doesn’t mean good things for the longterm viability of the monorails though
They will replace the monorails with a new gondola system. They will slow it up on purpose so you can have the same roasting experience on the MK gondola loop as the rest. I hear they will purposely run it over the water to give some a chance of a water rescue when the line suddenly stops.


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Also let's remember how there were plans filed a couple months ago to shift around MKs security/entrance area with the current GF and Poly boat launch being shifted a bit. Makes sense if they're adding a security checkpoint.


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I think this will be a great addition, and am happy they're finally planning on doing this.

My only question: why now? This was part of the original Walk Around the World plan back in the 90's but they obviously never completed it then. I'm just curious why they are finally planning on spending money to do this now. I wonder if there is any merit to plans to for monorail changes in the future, and maybe this would be helpful to have in place first? If there was going to be downtime for monorail system upgrades/repairs/changes, etc they would need alternatives in place. Just speculating...


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GF can get pretty backed up in the monorail line and it's too much of a free for all line where you kinda have to push by people not going all the way up to the gates. I'm hoping for an underwater bridge! But they've already ruined water pageant with the IP music. I hum to myself the original music whenever I see it, complete with alligator sound effects!
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