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Grand Floridian Resort's Gasparilla Island Grill closing for refurbishment in late summer


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Is there a recommended replacement? When I've stayed there, this was our major location for eating. Fortunately we changed our reservations this year to the Polynesian. Otherwise this would have caused us some difficulty.


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I could do with more space. GF doesn't need an arcade area, IMHO. Perhaps they are getting rid of that area altogether and expanding the eating area.;)


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Do we know what they are doing? Like has been said, seems just like yesterday this was down. And in some way, I kinda miss the older version. I was thinking food selection and quality weren't quite what they used to be after the last refurb.
It's only closing for 12 days so I can't imagine it being a major refurb, but they could be pulling out the games and sticking in more tables and chairs, or painting everything and replacing things that look worn after the major refurb a couple of years ago.


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It could use an upgrade cosmetically. We usually stay at the CR and eat here once or twice. This month we will be at the GF for the first time, so I'm glad it will still be open.

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