Graduation trip revisited - Miami/WDW or Disneyland/LV?


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Hi all!,

With my old friends (I call them, friends of my life), we're making big plans for 2016. In 2016, will be 20 years of our graduation trip. We're a group of five since high school with different profiles and stories. I'm living in Mexico (married with a Mex girl and with 2 mex kids), my best friend lives in Spain (Italian wife and italian kids) and the other three are still living in Argentina.

I'm the only one of the group that knows perfectly what Disney magic is and for this trip, I'd like to share the experience with the rest of the gang. When we were young, we only had the chance to see Disney parks, attractions, etc just on TV and for a kid there: It was an unreachable dream. I think the'll be kids again going to Disney adding also, a little of "grown-up atttractions".

What would you choose between the following two options?...

OPTION A - Fly to Miami. Doing a little of nightlife, bars, beach. After that drive to Orlando, visiting WDW, Universal, maybe NASA. Flight time from MEX: 2.5 Hours. Flight from ARG: 9 Hours. Flight from SPAIN: 10 Hours.

OPTION B - Fly to Los Angeles. Visiting Disneyland, Universal, etc. After that drive to Las Vegas and spending 2-3 days there. Flight from MEX: 3.5 hours. Flight from ARG (No direct flights available, stops in HOU, DAL): between 15-20 hours. Flight from SPAIN (No direct flight available, stops in JFK, ATL or MIA): 17-19 hours.

The option B is +/- 20%-25% more expensive than A.



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Time is money, so consider that as well since dealing with cranky kids and spouses for the extra transit time might not cover the 20-25% extra aggravation.

If you want beach, Florida beaches IMHO are much nicer, less rocks, warmer water.
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If the kids are going I'd say option A - Las Vegas is not very kid friendly.

I'd have to agree. I went to Vegas as a kid, but there wasn't much for me to do.

I'd either pick A or offer an alternative and just hit up some major landmarks in Los Angeles and skip Vegas.
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Plus the friends from Spain and Argentina will be jet lagged from the different time zones to DL, so WDW would be a better option.
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I hate Miami, so I will vote for Vegas/LA. Miami was too high end for us. Everything was overpriced, everyone was overdressed and we were no hip enough to access the clubs.

I love Vegas on the other hand. Great food, clubs and shows.
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