Good News And Bad news for Disneyland resort Venezuela

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The bad news....
Sadly my computer detect last month a virus so we have to fixed it but to fix it the tecnic have to delete the memory.... so ..... disneyland resort venezuela WAS DELETED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:cry:

The good news....
I decide to change my plans of the park but whit the same name DISNEYLAND RESORT VENEZUELA
I Change the lands and atractions for this new ideas

Main Street:
-Disneyland Raildroad
-Main Street Cinema
-Main Street Transportation
-The Disneyland History

-Jungle Cruise (FP)
-Tropical Serenade
-Aladin Magic Carpets
-Pirates Of The Caribbeans (FP)

-Splash Mountain (FP)
-Big Thunder Mountain (FP)
-Diamond Horse Show
-Tom Sawyer Island
-Disneyland Raildroad Station

New Orleans Square:
-The Haunted Mansion (FP)
-Liberty Belle Boat

-Snow White Adventures
-Peter Pan Flight (FP)
-Dumbo The Fliying Elephant
-Alice Tea Cups Party
-King Arthurs Carousel
-Its a Small World
-Mr, Toad Wild Ride
-Wonder Of Magic (FP)

-Adventure Trought Inner Space
-Circle Vision 360
-Peopler Mover
-Space Mountain (FP)
-Autopia (FP)
-Astro Jets
-Submarine Voyage
-20.000 Leagues Under The Sea (Motion Simulator) (FP)
-Journey To Space

Total of 32 atractions and 10 atractions whit FATPASS

And the resort is going to have an hotel :


Thats all ....
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