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Going to WDW w/o "Conveniences"


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I have come to a middle ground on this subject, there are times that I like to take my camera because there are some photos that I would like to take. You know, the new ones for "Resort Picture of the Day, etc. But then it can stay in the RV. I made DH leave the computer at home when we went last fall because I know us, we will get on the net and check our business e-mail. Once you do that, vacation is over. It was wonderful!!! We relaxed, went to the parks with some stuff but not all the time. The phone was on as DS was meeting up with us.
Our next trip, no laptop, cell phone only on the days family is to meet us, some photos - college graduation - but that's it.
The OP made me think of our first trip together as a family - no cell phones, delux dining plan so only room key, and one small 35 mm Cannon camera. It was great. The last thing I want to become is one of those people who have a backpack that has enough stuff for days in the wild to visit a park for 6 hours!


So maybe I'm not as crazy as I thought. Does anyone have any suggestions? I leave tomorrow, hooray!!:sohappy:

I only bring one thing - my cell phone. Not necessarily for calls but it substitutes for everything else on your list! Like most smart phones today it's an mp3 player, 'computer'/email/internet, still camera, video camera. Not that the quality of pics/video is that great but you never know when you will kick yourself for not being able to capture something very special (imagine if you and smart phones were here while Walt was living and he showed up at the park right next to you.....)

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