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George Lucas at studios today?


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At MK today and a cast member, one of the manager types, told me George Lucas was at studios today. Anyone else hear/see that? Wasn't sure if an announcement was coming. Again just something I heard.


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A few years ago my uncle was walking around DHS and saw Lucas walk by with his guards and stuff. Not too much longer after, Star Tours 2 came around....maybe we can expect something new from the Lucas Camp? Though technically "retired," and no longer owning the franchise, I'm sure he still serves as some sort of consultant.

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He was at MNSSHP last night in VIP areas. I talked to a few CMs who actually got to talk with him and they said he was asking all about the parades, characters, etc.

Do think a vist to MNSSHP is to see how Disney does private events to the planning for a Star Wars one? Seems inevitable to me we'll get a Stars Wars hard ticket event sooner or later and I doubt George thought to himself "Seems like a good night to fly to Florida and go to MNSSHP! Let's go!" He's been here for a few days by now though. I'd say his visit probably has something to do with Star Wars Land, but that's just an educated guess.


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