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Genie + and the non-rope dropper/relaxed vacationer, is it worth it?


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So, we've put off using Genie + this long, but we're currently in the midst of planning our Sept 9-13 vacation in which we're considering Genie +. We're weighing if it's beneficial for the type of Disney people we are. Is Genie + worth it for people that do not spend an entire day in the parks?

We're the type of group that enjoys having a relaxed start to the day - grab some coffee/breakfast and make our way into the park at our own pace, not rope-dropping and staying until fireworks kinda people. Getting up just before 7am to purchase is not a problem, but we usually go to a park, ride some rides, maybe have some lunch, then hit our resort pool in the afternoon before dinner plans. I'm looking at getting Genie + for MK and HS, possibly AK. I've mostly only seen people talking about Genie + that are in the park all day type of people, so would this benefit the more relaxed Disney goer? Anyone with the similar mindset that has experience with Genie +?


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Especially at Mk and DHS, the return times for certain rides gets pushed towards noon or even later fairly quickly.

So if you are up sometime before park opening, even if you aren’t heading out of your room, you can book a G+ ride for late morning or early afternoon. Even if you book it one minute before the park opens, you can still book your second one 2 hrs after that (OK, 121 minutes afterwards).


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Having been to 2 parks so far and semi relaxed (arriving 30 min after opening and not running around to try to "do it all", I urge anyone who is on the fence to buy genie plus for every park. I've only been to AK and HS so far, 2 places with weak lineups (and some say not worth genie plus) and we barely waited on a line. Granted we did 4 or 5 rides total sprinkled with shows, a sit down meal etc. It's been a breeze. Yesterday at HS, see afternoon line below. I did LL and it was 25 min. Btw these standby lines are criminal. Chapek is a cheapskate


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Doesn't work and now its just more expensive..............Genie+ has ruined WDW
100% agree. I have never waited in longer lines in the 30+ years I’ve visited WDW. It’s almost unbearable. It’s ridiculous to even attempt to go to a park like DHS and expect to ride more than 4 rides. Heck, I was there over 10 hours and all I rode were 4 rides! I watched time and again as Lightning Lane folks were ushered past, and a family or 2 from standby would go after easily 10 or more of LL.

I don’t think I want to spend money on visiting WDW anymore.

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