Genie+ and Standby Skipper


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Hey folks. We’re headed to WDW in a month from the UK, and as the designated tour guide I’m just reacquainting myself with everything Genie+, VQ and ILLs.
In my research, I stumbled upon an app called Standby Skipper which has some glowing reviews and seems like it could really take a lot of the hard work out of the Genie+ process. I wanted to see if anyone on here had used it recently and had a good experience?

I’m a bit concerned about the access they require to your MDE account but also don’t want to rely on it if it doesn’t work as advertised.
I remember seeing on the forums here that Disney IT had been trying to shut these third party apps out and I’m not even sure what the rules are with these things, too.
If it's legit, and can reduce my time spent on the Disney app throughout the day though, I’d love to try it.

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