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General political chat


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So happy we agree. There are a lot of renditions of Jesus that tiebacks earlier pagansources. Whether it’s Sol invictus, Stories of Horus, and the like, The life and story of Jesus are likely borrowed and combined from the multitude of sources. A simple Google search, will come up with many names
To be clear, I was referring only to his iconography. The question of his biography and mythology is a separate one too thorny for me to venture into.


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I thought Kevin Jackson got carried away and was out of line and because Fox does has some standards, he was fired. Besides Kevin Jackson is an infrequent guest on a number of shows.

Don Lemon has his own show. Lemon is still working and have any of the guest making such comments been fired?

Grammy 00 just doesn't understand the difference between a host and a guest evidently
He thinks his comeback was something special but seemed rather shallow minded from perspective.
Fire the moron who made the comments. I’m good with it.

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Oh I know all the reasons why Jesus looks like Jeff Bridgestone in The Big Lebowski. But I do laugh that there are intelligent (??) people that still think he’s a white dude from the Middle East.
Europeans weren’t (aren’t) the only ethnicities to do this. There are those who believe in an Afro-centric Jesus that plays a lot into their theology.

Meanwhile, a bunch of ethnic Semites are like “What gives?”


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Since this is apolitical and something I’m interested in, I’d like to add a few points.

First, the depiction of Christ as a vaguely European (but still Mediterranean) man goes back to some of the earliest images we have of him, and is an outgrowth of ancient Greco-Roman (pagan) iconography. One of the most famous examples is this Byzantine icon now in Sinai: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christ_Pantocrator_(Sinai). Here we see a Mediterranean Christ who is really not unlike his later Italian counterparts (the Borgia claim is bogus).

Second, while certain religious figures were indeed depicted in contemporary medieval or Renaissance attire, Christ, the Virgin, and other biblical personages were usually depicted in generic ancient-looking garb consisting largely of loose robes. Sometimes, both approaches were used in the same image, as in this example, where the military figures are in Renaissance costume but everyone else wears robes: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crucifixion_(Mantegna)
youre right. I did some research and the Borgia claim is wrong.


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That Kanye visit was ... surreal.
One mentally ill black man performing for one mentally ill orange man as the orange man makes a shameless and cynical attempt to fool America into forgetting about his Charlottesville rant, his discriminatory practices in renting to blacks, his demanding the execution of the Central Park Five in a full page Times ad and screeching that they belong in jail even after they were all exonerated, separating families, putting kids in cages, and of course his entire racist presidential campaign. Yeah, America. Forget all about that and more, because your very stable genius had found himself a mentally unbalanced stooge who will bow down to him for 20 minutes on national tv, because hey, the orange man doesn't have anything better to do, like, you know, show the slightest modicum of concern for victims of the latest hurricane. Forget those losers. You go, Kanye. Dance, clown, dance.
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