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Gen 1 Conversation Mickey-next week


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Gen 1 Conversation Mickey will be appearing at the Town Square Theater next week.

The Duck

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Once all the bugs are worked out, I'm looking forward to Gen 1 Donald. Hearing THAT voice would be a challenge for them and a treat for me!


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That is amazing! Can't wait to see the look on my kids faces next time we head to 'The World' and stop for pics with Mickey!

Cosmic Commando

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This is really exciting! It seems like so many cool projects lately haven't panned out for full-time use, but to have this even for one character would be great. It really is the next generation of meet-n-greets. The characters are really good at conveying different thoughts without talking, but it's going to be amazing... if this is true. Got my fingers crossed.

Cosmic Commando

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So are we assuming that there's a talking Minnie that we haven't seen yet, or do we think Mickey will meet by himself when he talks? I really don't think they mention Minnie at all outside the meet-n-greet; she's just an unadvertised bonus.


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Oh man....I would take another trip JUST to get to see my daughter meet him. I hope this test phase quickly becomes more than just that and we see him regularly. They did the DL tests a year or more ago, didn't they? And he is still not there.


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So... how?

The mouse brain sends signals via nerve neurons to the muscles which in turn contract moving the jaw causing the mouth to move....in the meantime the throat has vocal cords which vibrate causing sound to emanate from the mouth.

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