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Gaston's Tavern Pork Shank


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Just a quick silly question..I've seen pictures of the Pork shank at Gaston's. But, does it come with any bbq sauce to pour on it??


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I bet you could get sauce if you wanted it.

Dad 2 M & M

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Ask before your ressie, if they don't have any, you stop by at Pinocchio’s and ask for some! I am sure they would give you some if you just asked. No need to bootleg!!!


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No sauces, salt or pepper at Gaston's Tavern for the pork shanks. However, I think they are succulent enough in their own way with the fatty tissues that coat your teeth where you really don't need it. I think any sauce would take away from the pork shank experience as they've presented it. :)


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It's supposed to be pork-y and fatty. It's good with o sauces, but I think it could use some carbs. I dunno about any of the other rolls or pastries in Gaston's but I prefer this shank with mashed potatoes. Does Cosmic's still make them or did they revert back to potato salad? It is very tasty though and I see several people going to town on it and enjoying each and every bite.

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