Gas supply in the Disney area


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The $75 dollar limit is because that is what the stations put as a "hold" on your card when you first swipe it for approval. Once you complete your transaction they adjust the amount to what you purchased. If you go over the $75.00 and do not have room for it on your limit they won't get the money. Similar to how restaurants approve your card for your purchase amount then adjust for the tip.

The gas shortage was a rumor, considering that from what I was told the gas in the Orlando area is brought in to the coast by ship from other countries.


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Well, for those driving, in Atlanta, we get our gas via pipeline from Texas. We have lots of stations with no gas. You can still find it, but do not run to long and run out. Fill up at 1/2 or at least 1/4....

We drive down Tuesday afternoon. Hope we have no gas troubles.... :)


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Reguarding the fuel shortage in the Louisville area....Hurricane force winds from Ike hit last Sunday afternoon in the form of a huge wind storm and knocked power out across the region. I know that Louisville school system was out all last week due to damage and power outage. So, since stations cannot pump fuel [or maybe even refill the storage tanks] without power, maybe that was the reason. :shrug: I know that in Southern Indiana, west of Louisville, we had problems finding a gas station with power and the ones with power were out of fuel, since everyone was bombarding them. Hate to hear about Middle Tennessee, though.

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