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Garden Grill


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We have always liked it there. The food is usually very tasty and the selection is worth it. We also like the characters and the spinning (vey slowly!!) concept is cool.


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We have never done it, but are planning to on our upcoming trip. Not sure if you have kids, but the #1 reason we are doing it is that it is a character meal where they bring the food to you. (Read: Mom does not have to get up to get everyone food, and then miss kids meeting Mickey! :))


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We tried it back in November and thought it was great. We requested a table on the lower level so that we had a better view of Living with the Land and had that more private booth feel (since you can't see much of your neighbors). The service was excellent, the food was tasty (especially the fish and the salad), and the character interaction was the best we've ever had at a character meal. Seriously, we had about 5 visits from each character and the interaction was beyond the generic smile for a pic and sign an autograph. Mickey helped the girls with their word searches and shared with my younger one that he was also celebrating a bday. One of the 'munks- Dale I think - was upset that my one daughter was just picking at her food, so he sat down and fed her. All in all- a great meal.


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We just made a reservation for this a couple of days ago, on recommendations from people on here :) I had to call instead of booking online as the system didn't seem to like me (ha!) so I was an hour behind those who booked online. I still managed to get the day I wanted, but had to change my preferred time by an hour and fifteen minutes. No biggie for us, though- just happy to get the reservation :)


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In all honesty, I would suggest that you skip it. Too many other excellent choices either in WS or close by.


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We ate there a few times and it was always ok, nothing great. Ate there most recently on Christmas night and it was awesome. One of the best meals of our Christmas stay in Disney. Can't wait to head back!


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We have been there 4 or 5 times, it's a family favorite. It has been the best character interaction we've had at any character meal. It doesn't feel as rushed to me as some places. It also doesn't feel as jammed as some restaurants can feel, as the tables are nicely spaced out. We've always loved the food & service as well.


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We really liked it back in '06 when we ate there. The food was pretty good and since it is a character meal too it kept DD (then 3) busy while we had a chance to actually chew our food...a rare occurrence when travelling to the world with a three year old.

We are looking forward to our ADR that we scored for September so I can say we liked it enough to go again. At the end of the day it is only one meal on an entire vacation so I say at least try it for the experience ;)


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Its been a long time since we ate there, but it certainly is enjoyable and the food was very good. The scenery doesn't get boring either. I have eaten at both the lower level and upper, and I think they both have good views.


We ate there for Thanksgiving two years ago and loved it, we tried to book it last year with no luck, but booked it for our upcoming trip in November.


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We really liked it! The food was good. I know I'm strange, but I really loved the butter that they serve for the bread. Yummy! The characters were great and came around multiple times. We had such fun!


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Another vote to go and enjoy it. My family did it a couple of years ago and liked the food and LOVED the character interaction a lot. They do seem to spend more time at every table and interact with your children more. Chip and Dale took our Pal Mickey and paraded it thru the resturaunt like they caught a mouse. Holding there noses in a P U type fashion(sp?).


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We first went because Chip and Dale is\was my daughter's favorite character(s).
It's now a MUST DO for our family every year. The food is always fresh and delicious with a great selections, some kind of fish, poultry and beef (family style), and always delicious deserts, I think last time was blueberry cobbler with home made vanilla flavored whipped cream...hmmm..
We've always had great service and your circling around\above Living with the Land..can't beat that.

Also if you're a hidden mickey enthusiast, one of the most "hidden" ones I've ever seen is there.


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It a must for our family as well the food is really good the staff and character's our great and the whole place slowly turns. The food comes family style and if you need more just ask and the will bring more out to you. We have never had a bad experience there.

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