Future World West - the land of merchandise kiosks


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I guess they had to continue the theme of the temporary Starbucks somehow... ;)


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The views from the Imagination lounge are bound to be beautiful! I'll get to see some...demo? And International Gateway themed kiosks? Well at least the windows ar- they still haven't been cleaned yet have they?

At least I get Coke and animal crackers. If they feel like bringing the snacks tray around....

I get Coke.


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I noticed this too when I was there last week and this week. Kiosks everywhere. Basically all of Future World outside of the Land and the Seas was a place to sell merchandise.


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They had to be moved out of the central spine and need to keep the revenue stream flowing. But they could have evened them out. (i.e. Three on one side and two on the other. Or just take the inventory from one kiosk and spread to the other four and have two on each side.)
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