Future LEGO Games? My predictions

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Let me first explain, this is not just for Disney LEGO games but here are some of my predictions.
First I got to mention something, they are defiantly making less LEGO games and seem to be spending more time on them as well and probably is a smart move. Also they still do make some LEGO original ideas so we can be way off with things.
Also I do love LEGO games but have not played all of them
Here is my list:
LEGO Indiana Jones:
I believe that they may be in development for a Indiana Jones game where you can play levels from every single Indiana Jones movie. They did make ones before and they might release LEGO sets with the new movie so they might as well have plans for a new game. I never played the LEGO Indy games but have seen what they have done and I liked it. I think maybe an open world where you can find and explore temples and walk around cities and stuff and find artifacts would be an interesting mechanic. Judging by what they are doing with the Star Wars: Skywalker Saga game, this idea seems not to far feteched.​
A New LEGO Marvel game?
They did tease one at the end of Superheroes 2. It could be a Marvel villains game which would be amazing or maybe just a third one. But an idea I have is for a Infinity Saga game if it even is possible. I think if they were working on a Marvel LEGO game it could be a MCU one for the Infinity Saga which it could be a series with maybe three parts for each phase. So they can put more effort into it instead of worrying about having to do it all at once. A marvel LEGO game would be fun as always and I liked LEGO avengers and one of those for the whole Infinity Saga would be cool but there might be a problem where one for Phase 1 does not sell well. I think they might instead do something like a two parter similar to Harry Potter. Phase one and part of two. Then rest of two and phase three. They would have to fully redo everything as the New York area which has mostly stayed unchanged through layout (boringly even though it is a real city) throughout all the games. I would love to see a remade New York with a different spin to it like in the Sony Spider Man game.​
LEGO Jurassic World:
I loved LEGO Jurassic World and I did notice it is being re released on Nintendo Switch in September. I think they might release a one for all six movies, maybe battle at big rock as well in a game in 2022 after the final Jurassic Movie in the Jurassic World trilogy. I think making your own Dino’s could be explored upon more with making it bigger and better, maybe more of a open world environment and obviously lots of Dino’s and areas where you can mess around. They should also maybe make a Dino specific level or map thing where the Dino’s can interact with the environment and maybe a bigger map. But obviously you would have to change time periods but that probably won’t need to be changed compared to the original. Also lots of areas would need to be made for the movies like Isla Sorna and Isla Nublar, The Lockwood estate and more. I would love to see it expanding upon the original.​
LEGO Fantastic Beasts
Probably not going to happen in a long time but I think this might happen. Fantastic beasts has been successful and I would love to see a LEGO FB. It could expand upon LEGO Harry Potter where you can travel to each country that each movie was in and even in England where part of CoGW took place and possibly Hogwarts. I also like the idea of maybe carrying around the suit case and you can just open it and go into its pocket area or something no matter where you area. Also maybe being able to play as the creatures would be very fun as well.​
Another LEGO DC
Probably not for a while but going to happen. Might be a sequel to villains or maybe a justice league or DCEU game. I don’t know yet but I would not like kids playing a LEGO version of suicide squad. But we do know a sequel is coming.​
LEGO Worlds 2?
I played some of the original and maybe they might be expanding upon it with maybe a narrative (unlikely). I did like the open world and it reminded me of MineCraft somehow. I loved building my own things and finding creatures and other people. This game should get a sequel or maybe a proper survival mode. It would be awesome to control a randomly generated world like what biome it should be or what things spawn. They do need more stuff to do and maybe more dungeons and challenges and maybe once you finish survival you get creative. We can maybe get Worlds like a haunted goth like planet with ghosts and zombies. Also the biomes should be bigger and yes space should be explored upon more. Resources should be found underground and maybe other dimensions. This should not become an IP tie in.​
LEGO Stranger Things
They have released a set for it and if it does well could they make a game. Unlikely. I think the themes the show uses are to dark for kids and won’t do well in LEGO as there is lots of gruesome deaths and not kiddie things, including it is horror. This has as much likelihood as a Friday the 13th LEGO game. That is why Ft13 got its own bloody game and Stranger Things is in Dead by Daylight.​
LEGO Godzilla
There have been zero rumors on this but this could be a possibility. I think this won’t happen as this idea popped in my head. Godzilla LEGO sets are unlikely as well as Godzilla May only be touched upon once or twice. Not mentioning that I think a game won’t work. Godzilla is a strange IP in America but is a literal God(zilla) in Japan. I would love a figure or something but a game is unlikely even if Warner Bors. push for it, even though I would want one.​

Have any thoughts or rumors you would like to discuss, then do down below in the comment section. (I sound like a Youtuber).
I know I probably am way off but these were ideas that popped into my head and I wanted to discuss them.
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