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My father just told me this little gem. I was like, why didn't you tell me this before? He asked me what I thought of how Orlando is dealing with everything and what's happening with Disney. Though we've had many Disney discussions, and taken many a trip together, he thought to bring up the following. And I'm gonna quote him here, not exactly verbatim. Now, I did know he worked with Frank Wells once upon a time but I'd never heard this story.

"So, I had just started at [gonna omit the name of the company here since you'll figure it out] and had been working for about a month. I had been given an initiative to spearhead a conference we'd be hosting with corporate heads from various companies. What it was about, I can't remember. Anyway, I had worked with Frank Wells, as you know, so I decided... what the hell. I doubt he'll make time to show up but why not. So, I called him and left a message with his assistant. Not two hours later, he calls and says he'd be delighted to attend, speak, etc. I was baffled that he returned the call so quickly but thought, good, here's a heavyweight to add to the list - the same afternoon I'd been asked to set up the project! The next day, the CEO walks right into my office, raring for a fight. He said, 'I see Wells is coming to our summit.' Yes, I said. 'You realize he's been trying to milk more money from us for that aquarium in Orlando. Great move. Really great. Maybe run this stuff by me first.' Oops! Well, Frank and I remained on good terms and had a laugh about it. I knew he was not happy at all with our company but didn't say it outright. Oh well, that's business. We still went to the opening and had a good time."


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In hindsight, "Frank Wells is coming to our summit" may have been really poor choice of words. 🤷‍♂️


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