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Fun 2019 WDW Restaurant Tournament bracket


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It's March Madness time!! I'm a big fan of the NCAA tournament, so I thought, why not see what a Walt Disney World restaurant tournament bracket would look like? Here is a bracket of the top 64 Disney World restaurants based on their rating as of 3/17/2019 on TripAdvisor. The top 4 are seeded #1, 5-8 are seeded #2, etc. I arranged all of them into a 64 team bracket.

Victoria and Albert's is the top rated restaurant and thus has the overall #1 seed. There are some surprises based on the rankings I pulled down from TripAdvisor such as Starbucks (Disney Springs Marketplace) getting a #3 seed, Ohana as a #15 seed, Chef Mickey's being a #13 seed, and Be Our Guest being one of the first four OUT of the bracket.

* I want to make clear this is for FUN; I'm sure there are many ways to rearrange the bracket

You can vote for each "matchup" and see who wins based on popular vote! Every Sunday one round closes until we have a Final Four. The very last bracket will contain the winner from each bracket and a champion will be determined by the end of April!

Have fun!

Here are all the matchups in the first round (in case you aren't able to see the image in the post):

Mickey Region
  • (1) Victoria and Albert's vs. (16) Maya Grill
  • (8) Raglan Road vs. (9) Cinderella's Royal Table
  • (5) Trader Sam's vs. (12) Tokyo Dining
  • (4) Splitsville vs. (13) Trattoria al Forno
  • (6) Tutto Gusto vs. (11) Artist Point
  • (7) Flying Fish vs. (10) Liberty Tree Tavern
  • (2) Sanaa vs. (15) Ohana
Minnie's Region
  • (1) Shula's Steak House vs. (16) Crystal Palace
  • (8) Olivia's Cafe vs. (9) Dockside Margaritas
  • (5) Cape May Cafe vs. (12) Crew's Cup Lounge
  • (4) Monsieur Paul vs. (13) T-Rex
  • (6) Garden View Tea Room vs. (11) Geyser Point
  • (3) Starbucks (Disney Springs) vs. (14) Nine Dragons
  • (7) Teppan Edo vs. (10) Restaurant Marrakesh
  • (2) Top of the World vs. (15) Biergarten
Pluto's Region
  • (1) La Cava del Tequila vs. (16) Le Cellier
  • (8) Tiffins vs. (9) Rose and Crown
  • (5) Kimonos vs. (12) Tutto Italia
  • (4) Citricos vs. (13) Chef Mickey's
  • (6) Garden Grill vs. (11) Grand Floridian Cafe
  • (3) Narcoossee's vs. (14) Turf Club
  • (7) Wine Bar George vs. (10) 50's Prime Time Cafe
  • (2) Homecomin' vs. (15) Trail's End
Goofy's Region
  • (1) Jiko vs. (16) Sci Fi Dine-In Theatre
  • (8) Todd English's bluezoo vs. (9) 1900 Park Fare
  • (5) Boma vs. (12) Wave of American Flavors
  • (4) California Grill vs. (13) Chefs de France
  • (6) Cape Town Lounge vs. (11) Cabana Bar and Beach Club
  • (3) BOATHOUSE vs. (14) Tusker House
  • (7) Spice Road Table vs. (10) Frontera Concina
  • (2) River Roost Lounge vs. (15) Jungle Navigation Skipper Canteen


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In the Minnie region, Top of the World is at BLT, not Contemporary, and is only accessible by DVC members. Not sure how it made it into the Round of 64.
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