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Fuddrucker's at Crossroads


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A Fuddrucker's opened up recently at Crossroads next to TGI Friday's. They offer a 10% cast discount. :slurp:


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Wow I have not seen a Fuddruckers in 20 years or so when they used to be here in Indiana. Is this still the sameas it once was? You used to walk up to the counter and see them cutting the burgers right there as you ordered.They had huge hamburgers.

Well guess I know where I am visiting when I next go to Florida! :slurp:


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NO WAY!!!!!!

OMG I am in HEAVEN right now!!!!

The first day I'm not working a 14 hour shift I'm heading over there for lunch!!!!!!



now all they need are some In-n-Outs!! :D Man, If that Fuddruckers would have been while I was living down there.... I probably would have come home 30 pounds heavier!!!

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