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News Frontierland Shootin' Arcade at Magic Kingdom switches to free play


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Love this! I know it might sound weird, but I love how the Shootin’ Arcade smells. Not sure what it is (cedar, mold, and old pennies?), but it’s very memorable to me!
The upstairs buildings in Canada have that smell as well, not really sure what causes it, but I know exactly what you mean.


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It was funny to be there when it was busy and how many effects were going off at once.

The best 50th gift the resort gave us.

The cynical part of me wonders if it is a survey twister.

"Revenue is down for this section of Frontierland, I guess we can close it up and make it something else that is less costly and earns revenue then."

I remember when they pulled odd moves to justify changes in the past.


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I'm still bummed they never gave this the Old Yeller themed overlay like was planned years ago. Still though, a fun stop nonetheless, and it being free now is a plus. 😊


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It’s good to see this made free. However will there be lines?
I STILL think this is related to the coin shortage (though I suppose they could've put out tokens from the change machine if that were the case).

Maybe it is a study to see if it will increase usage if it's free.


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To my knowledge, it was always an upcharge experience. I bet that CM was creating a magic moment. It's actual position in Ops rotations where the CM is assigned to just walk around their land and make random guests happy in unexpected ways. CMs have discretion to provide guests with free merchandise, take them to the front of a ride queue, things like that.
You're right on this one. It just depended who was working it, there was a switch to turn off the coins and allow free play. No one ever got reprimanded for it. If BTM or SM stopped working it was another reason why it would go free to keep guest happy. Bottom line that corporate never understands is Guest Happiness. Keeping guest happy by providing an experience free or not is number one in keeping guest from leaving said park or area.

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