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Front Line Cast Wage Rate


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As I was processing the 25% increase on the AP I usually get, it got me to thinking back.

I used to read often years ago that Front Line CM's were only paid minimum wage or slightly higher. I know that in my area of the country, wage rates, especially in the Hospitality Industry have gone up substantially in the last year. It is even hard to find people that even want to work, really.

So I have a question for the currently employed at WDW, perhaps some that have been around awhile, has that situation improved? Is it closer to 15/hour now for front line CM's?


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Most of Front Line CM's make about 14.50-14.75 an hour without experience but there are still one or two lines of work that still pay just around 10.25. Long story short with the cost of living around Disney so high there's a reason why so many bonuses are being handed out to attract workers after nearly a year shut down.

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