Trip Report From Droids to Toys… Texting The Boy and Can We Just Blame It On Captain Hook? Our September 2019 Disney Journey (Including Another Ross’ Return!)

Once again, another amazing trip is complete and I have to say… it’s been really hard returning to reality this time. But such is life…

You guys should know us by now…


Me – Mary/Mom


Ross/Dad /Grumpy – as stated on his MagicBand


Julia/Sissy/ Teenager in Love


Hope/My Droid Hating Princess whose Autism always lends to some entertaining drama.


If you are new to my TR’s or if you need the background of our trip feel free to read my pre-trip…

Disclaimer: As I am typing up this trip report, my mind is already dreaming of our next adventure. Will I finish this TR before it gets here? Only time will tell.

All caught up? Allrighty then! Let’s go!

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Today was a special day…. In addition to meeting Dizfan917, it was also the one year anniversary of the return of the Crocs. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you’ll have to go back and read my TR from 2018. Lol

I should have known something would happen on this day… and it did.

So we were relaxing at a table in the American Pavilion. Julia needed the bathroom and asked me to put her beloved hat under the stroller. Hope was a bit cranky and I was trying to settle her down and was searching for a snack I had for her somewhere in the stroller. She wanted to get up and dance to the music playing in the American Gardens. She handed me her i-pod and her apple juice. Then Ross wanted to go get a Lobster Roll from the American booth, he handed me the F&W map along with another plate he was holding and walked off. I was balancing everything while I tucked the hat into the stroller bin. As I was trying to get it in place, I realized the juice bottle Hope gave me had no lid!!! The entire bottle poured out -soaking Julia’s hat!!! I was horrified!! I picked up the hat , which was saturated with juice. It wouldn’t even stand up! Julia came back and looked at her poor hat! Ross didn’t know why I was so upset. Really?? He was calm as even and told me to return it! I was mortified – how could I return it? He insisted to just tell the truth and see if they could do anything about it. I was so embarrassed, so I told him that he would have to do it for me. Would he?

He told me to relax and went to France for some ice cream...


After stuffing ourselves with way too much yummy food, we made out way out of the park.



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Then we walked over to Germany to meet @dizfan917 and Kevin!!! We were so excited! It was awesome to finally meet up with them and it was truly a magical time. (And it only took me almost 4 years to post it!! lol)
HOOOORAY!! We had such a great time with the whole gang at lunch! People thought I was nuts when I told them that we had lunch with a family from New York that we'd never met before... :D Hope was hilarious sharing her VAST knowledge of all things Disney Parks... we were amazed at all the information she shared.

I forgot how much I love reading your trip reports. They are almost better than being there in person. I hope this trip will be just as much fun for you all! I'm excited to hear all about it on the 17th! Such a fun tradition to carry on. See you SOON!

I can't wait to hear about Julia's Sorcerer Hat... :oops:


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Then we walked over to Germany to meet @dizfan917 and Kevin!!! We were so excited! It was awesome to finally meet up with them and it was truly a magical time. (And it only took me almost 4 years to post it!! lol)

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After lunch we said our goodbyes and headed off…. We took our time today and just walked around without any specific things we needed to get done. Well… except for that night – it was our food & wine night – NO sit down meal!!

We got Hope a passport and went over to visit Donald and friends...

View attachment 741463View attachment 741464View attachment 741465View attachment 741466View attachment 741467

Then we walked around a bit and walked back over to Future World.

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Love love love Disney meet-ups! I was so glad I got to meet @Darstarr this time! I really wish we'd had time to get a drink or something, but at least we got to say a quick "Hello, nice to meet you."

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I have to get this done, or I will never have peace with it. That being said I’m going to give the most abbreviated highlights…

September 18, 2019

So….Julia’s hat…. Ross was true to his word. He went into the POP gift shop and asked to return it. He explained exactly what happened. A (confused and bewildered) CM had to get a manager who listened to his story, and sure enough, the manager returned it and gave him a credit to re-buy the hat in the park – since they did not carry them at POP. Julia was so happy. (Side note: I would have bought her the hat again, even if it was not returned, but a huge thanks to Disney for fixing my whoopsie.)

With that all taken care of, we set out for MK. (I believe she was retelling the hat story to the boy.)


Winnie the Pooh and friends would be hosting us for breakfast this morning at 10AM, but they would have to wait a bit because we completely slept in. That being said we hopped a bus and arrived at MK and even though we were late, had no problem getting in.


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Looking back at our Splash Mountain pictures makes me sad!!


We were actually evacuated off the line as we were close to boarding. We got a recovery FP and came back later to ride through the briar patch. As we were being evacuated, a man was so disgruntled… he was complaining to his family (very loudly) that he didn’t understand why “they” couldn’t fix these things at night while the park was closed! :rolleyes:

We met Mickey and Minnie... BTW, I hated their outfits.


And yes… Julia re-purchased her sorcery hat. I kept all beverages away from it!!


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Day 15 Thursday Sept 19


I knew after back-to-back extra magic hours that we would be dragging this morning. But actually, we didn’t do too bad. We were at the bus stop at 9:15 waiting for a bus to Hollywood studios. (Well, the girls and I were… we left Ross behind to take his time.)


I swear, I must’ve planned the wrong parks to visit, because we seriously did wait a LONG time mostly everyday for a bus to come. Not a big deal, just a little funny. There were a lot of people grumbling today while we were waiting, so I know it was not just me being impatient.


Just as a Studios bus was pulling up, a family with scooter also pulled up. They were a LARGE group! The woman got stuck going up the ramp! The bus driver and one of the people with her had to manipulate it and then physically pushed it up. There were over 10 people in the scooter party. The bus driver told them only six were allowed to board – the others had to go through the line. (Which was quite tremendous at this point!) But they all ignored him and got on board. People in line were NOT happy.


Hope looked wantingly over at the new Skyliner station. They were starting to run them and she was soooo hoping they would randomly pick her to test ride! Lol


Oh... they haunt me….


Bag check was chaotic compared to other days, but soon we were inside!!


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We rode slinky and meandered through Toy Story Land. Julia was off doing her own thing at this point - I think she went to see Muppets.


We also walked in the Incredibles section & Met Edna.

Then we met up with Ross and rode star tours.


We were hoping that Hope would ride RRC, but she would not! She would not even allow Ross to push her through the line! So Julia and I rode while Hope and daddy did other stuff – which may have included Disney Jr. Dance Party.


It was time for lunch and we were trying Minnie’s Halloween Dine. H&V is not my favorite place, but Hope wanted this one. It turned out to be a good lunch.


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We watched the Star Wars stage show which I was very excited for!


Then we rode Slinky. There was a large group of 10+ people waiting in the FP line blocking the entrance, but it wasn’t their time yet! They would not move, even when people asked them to step aside so they could scan in. Finally a CM had to walk over and move them explaining it was not their time yet!


Frozen show- it was good but it’s so much better with Ben. (I wonder if he’s still there?) Ross got a quick nap in.


Went to see Disney Junior. Julia went off to do something else.


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Then it was time for our meet-up and I was so excited!!

We went over to Oga’s canteen and met up with @Rista1313 & @DryerLintFan .


It was an awesome!! I felt like I was friends with these guys all my life! We all had some out of this word drinks and chatty away.


It went all too fast. Well, maybe not for Hope because she HATES it here!


I had a carbon freeze, Julia had the blue milk, and Ross ordered Java juice.


The waiter was awesome and really enhanced the experience.


We said our goodbyes and off we went.

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We walked over to Star Wars Land where I was very happy to be!! I was sad to have mised RoR by only a short time.


We rode TSMM one more time where Julia got 100% accuracy again! One of the CM’s was impressed and showed one of coordinators, who gave her a high five.


We ended the day on Aliens before seeing Fantasmic.

Well, we thought we ended the day… Hope decided she wanted to watch the Star Wars fireworks, which was fine with me, so we stood at the end of the street. We left as soon as it was over, we got to the bus stop where believe it or not, the bus was waiting for us and it had seats available!!

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