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Free tickets for foster children


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Growing up as a foster child in Florida and having WDW in my backyard and then when I got my first job with Publix Supermarket and getting discounted ticket prices, I've had a lot of great experiences from going to DW. However the further you get from Florida the more expensive it can get for a family to up and go to DW. With gas prices or air fair plus eating and hotel stays. That's why me and my wife never got to take our children. Now me and my wife are house parents ( foster parents )for a children's home in Missouri. Knowing what these children are going through because I have been in their place, that's why I started fostering, I was hoping to get free tickets or at least discounted tickets. I don't mind driving and paying for gas and hotel stays, even me and my wife's tickets, but 4 to 6 tickets for the children in the home can get expensive. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Keith

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