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It's a pretty good list but most of the fun is IN Disney.

These are fun things to do,say, on a last day or the 1st half day when you arrive.:)


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Oh man... the spelling and grammar are horrid.

And the whole "can you believe they're actually asking you to pay for this stuff" mentality is insane. I would hate to go on vacation with that guy!!


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Lol! everytime I go to Orlando and to WDW I end up doing these things to pass time on my day of arrival or on the day of my departure. Congrates on your win!


Well-Known Member used the words "cool" and "stuff" way too much.

and I think you should have done alittle more research on what you were presenting...such as how the water system at the WL does not actually flow from the lobby to Bay's just an's actually 3 seperate water systems. And that WL is specifically modeled after Old Faithful Lodge in Yellowstone...not just to look like it's in the "national parks"

And your presentation of how much tickets will cost a family of 4 is one would buy 1 day tickets every day for a 2 week trip. Even with APs, it would only cost a family about $1,700 for tickets...not $4,200!

And in general, while restaurants at Disney are expensive, the dining experiences at those restaurants are some of the best I've ever experienced and have some of the best entrees I've ever had. You also failed to mention that during certain times of the year, you can receive a Dining Plan for free which will allow you to experience these "over-priced restaurants" for the cost of Gratuity.

As for the Boardwalk..renting the Surrey bikes has been one of my favorite experiences outside of the parks...and for a group of 4, the cost is only $5 a person...that's fairly inexpensive...The Epcot firework display is called "IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth"...when refering to it in short it's normally called Illuminations, not Reflections of Earth...and the bridge is actually closer to the Beach Club Resort than the Boardwalk Resort. Do not confuse the Boardwalk Resort with the entire Boardwalk area.

As for the monorails...they never question if you have a ticket or not to the parks...if you want to ride, whether you ride the Epcot rail or not.

And you only use the contraction "it's" when you are combining the words "it" and "is" not when talking about Magic Kingdom and its hotels...

All of those were just from a quick glance through...not to nitpick or anything but if you're going to write an informative article that you hope will help other people, you need to make sure all of your information and grammer is's hard to see past that kind of stuff.

I'm just saying...

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