Frank Thomas Passed Away Last Night


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Thank you Mr Thomas for the legacy you left. If only more people in this World could provide such wonder and magic in their lifetimes, imagine just how special our World would truly be... thank you. :animwink:


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Another legend lost. Although gone from us, Mr. Thomas' legacy will live on forever. Sympathy and prayers go out to his family.


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This is terrible that we've lost yet another great Disney legend. Mr. Thomas is one of the last few that the true spirit of Disney still runs through... And anyone who has read his works knows that it does... He will truly be missed.

(One thing I noticed... I couldn't find a date that people agreed on for his birthday. said he was born in 1913, while his site says 1912. Neither have a date, but I've read September 5th and 14th, in different years.. so, I've heard four different possible birthdays for him... :lookaroun)


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I know this day has been coming, it's just been a matter of time. I've now lost two of the greatest models in my entire life. Walt and now Frank. I didn't know this had happened until I saw it in Grizz's avatar, and just said "NO!" out loud. I can't believe it. I had been in contact with Frank and Ollie several times actually and wishing them happy holidays and receiving responses back from them. I'm glad I saved those messages as they now mean even more to me. It was a dream of mine from as long as I can remember to personally meet Frank and Ollie to thank them for everything. They are the two along with Walt that started my love for the company and started working towards becoming an animator for the WDFA. Of course, Eisner ruined that, but I am now an excellent artist and wouldn't be where I am today if it weren't for them. So to that, I say THANK YOU Frank and Ollie. May God bless your soul and your family and I hope to see you in heaven. Let's just hope God doesn't take Ollie from us anytime soon now. I don't know how much tradgedy I can take at one time. :cry:


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Not only one, but two great people were lost yesterday...I give my condolences to Mr. Thomas' family because i know exactly what they are going through right now. I am feeling the same loss becuase my grandpa died yesterday too. Cheers to both of them.


Oh WOW! The past month has just been one Disney blow after another! :( The hurricanes, the sale of the Disney Store, now this! :cry: A true loss. Wow :(


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My condolences go out to his family and also to Ollie. I am sure he is deeply saddened to lose his best friend. It is a sad day for all Disney fans. I told my daughter about it yesterday and told her about all her favorite characters he created and she was saddened by it too.


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I had the pleasure of talking with Frank on several occasions... he was a genuinly nice man who made this world a better place. If you haven't seen the movie "Frank & Ollie", you should -- great insight into the creative mind.

It pains me that I'll never talk with him again -- but I will always have the joy of watching his work talk to me. Goodbye, Frank.


Somewhere in the jungle a Bear is crying.

On a day when the Disney faithful should rejoice, we weep instead at the news of a great man's death. Thank you for sharing your gift with us Mr. Thomas; you sleep now but your legacy remains. :(

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