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Francis Floot is leaving Studios


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There was a posting of the actor's video blog on facebook. He has projects outside of Disney he wants to pursue. May 13 should be his last day.

"What's your name sweetheart? Kaiser? Well that is just a beautiful name; but I'm here to tell you that you are NEEEEVER going to find your name on a keychain. Your momma just HAAAAAAAAAAD to get creative."

"Momma? Momma, it's me Francis, your son. No Momma, I'm not famous yet, I just got off the bus in Hollywood."


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"I heard it with my face!"


Love that guy.


Citizens of Hollywood

Hello, Does anyone know the name of or have a link to the woman who plays "Dorma Nesmond" at the Studios, she is a hoot. Thanks MikeB


God bless the "Ignore" button.
I remember seeing him on my last trip, thinking that that's the kind of job I think I would love to do... regrettably I'll have to wait til I retire from my future career to get to do that, but someday...


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Sadly, his description of working for Disney and the behaviour of Disney managers is pretty accurate. Hard work is not really rewarded. The only reason to go above and beyond is because it gives you satisfaction. At the end of the year, slackers get the same evaluation and pay raise as those who excel. In fact, sometimes they get promoted.:hammer::brick:

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