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Four Parks: One World


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I believe the name of the CD I want is called Four Parks: One World.
Do they still sell this at the world? Does anyone know which shop it can be found in most conveniently. A co-worker is going down this weekend and he said he would try to pick it up for me if he knows where to go.
I appreciate it!


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I do apologise for the late response, I hadn't seen the thread, yes the CD is still sold but it is very rare at the moment. In the last month I have only seen it twice and both times was at Disney's Hollywood Studios (I'm pretty sure it was Studio 1 where I saw it). The CD has a red cover if that helps them looking for it.

But again, be warned, it is very rare at the moment for some reason.

You may want to check amazon.com as they may even sell it.


I bought mine at the Pop Century gift shop. They're also at the World of Disney and Once Upon a Toy stores in Downtown. It was around $20.

Lots of new tracks on it...including the new Spaceship Earth instumental soundtrack.

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