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For those who will miss Sorceror Mickey's Hat from DHS


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Like others have said. I won't really miss the hat as much that I'll just miss a photo spot at HS. The other 3 parks have things that everyone takes a picture at. HS will miss this now


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Maybe Photopass can "magically" add a BAH to the family photos of those who will miss the BAH. Also, for those who cannot afford a photopass package, isn't this what photo-editing software, like photoshop, is for?


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Like others have said. I won't really miss the hat as much that I'll just miss a photo spot at HS. The other 3 parks have things that everyone takes a picture at. HS will miss this now
I have a feeling that the Earful Tower will be open for access once this project is done for picture opportunities. In the meantime there's always the ToT or The Brown Derby or Star Tours or the fountain in front of The Muppets or looking down the Streets of America toward the New York City scene or the San Francisco scene. Seems to me even the arch as you go into the animation section might be a possibility or The Theater. I don't see where the hat was the only identifiable building or object in the park.

don guy

I understand why this icon is important to many guests, especially those that have grown up with the hat being there.I to thought it was something great until I found out that it was just a hat over a pin shop boy was I disappointed..

Sage of Time

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What rebuttal? Yes, I started the thread where I EXPLICITLY stated "yes WE all KNOW" what you felt the need to "point out." To whose benefit do you "point out" things to people that people already know?
I can only imagine it's to your benefit, as someone who enjoys repeating himself and showing everyone how right he is. Mission accomplished, well done.

Good grief, you've won! The hat is leaving, and you get to gloat! Isn't that enough? No, everyone who every had a positive thought about the Hat must be shown the error of his ways.

Whatever, I've seen Into the Woods again tonight, so I'm so happy even someone like you can't bother me.

God forbid there should be a thread where people could feel safe to say they will miss the hat, without all the browbeating that went on in the other thread.
You are on a public forum.

You are going to get opinions that you don't agree with.

This isn't about winning or losing, it is about expressing thoughts, feelings, and emotions in a respectful context that stimulates intellectual exchange.

There is no reason to feel unsafe to express your viewpoint on that hat. I do not see how my point made the atmosphere "unsafe" for you.

Tantrum aside, I hope this isn't news to you.

Into The Woods was really a good movie, wasn't it? :)


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Also,guys....just remember....the hat isn't exactly lit properly. So at night, if the lights on Hollywood boulevard are dimmed, it's a nice cone-shaped blob on the horizon.

And why would these lights be dimmed?


Here's Star Wars fireworks with the big turd in the way.

2014 gave us limited fireworks shows for two of Disney's biggest cash cows: Frozen and Star Wars.
With a new Frozen short (and possible sequel) in the works, and a revived Star Wars film series, I'd wager dollars to credits that we will be seeing a new nightly fireworks show....and with the new sponsorship from TCM, I'd also be willing to wager that we're going to see the Chinese Theater be given a projection-map show to compliment the fireworks.


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Won't happen, as then you'd be able to see it looming up behind World Showcase.

Here's the Tower of Terror peeking up from Morocco.
The hat is shorter than tower by quite a bit.

Tower is 199ft tall
the BAH is 122ft tall
A difference of 77ft. Further they could eliminate the stage underneath (2-3ft) and lower the overall height by around 6 ft as stage clearance isn't necessary which would make enclosing the underside for a retail shop easier. This brings the hat height to around half that of Tower. But that's just math.


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Huh. Looks a lot bigger than 122 feet.

Anyway...if youre going to move it, put it at Art of Animation. Move the AoA sign up in the yard and place it between the sign and the building.
Then turn it into a gift shop.

Bing Bong

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What will YOU celebrate? :D

Because it was supposed to be gone like 12 years ago. It was a temporary structure that was built for Walt's 100th birthday, then got re-purposed for the Millennium celebration. The popular story is that when Disney built it, they never budgeted for a removal, so they turned it into a pin station and special events stage.
This is also the reason it took until 2007 to get the horrid severed Mickey arm removed from Spaceship Earth.

So I guess the extra revenue from Frozen oversaturation has actually paid off. :)
You do realize the Millennium celebration (1999-2000) came before the 100 Years of Magic celebration (2001-2002) right?


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Funny thing is I've always hated the hat so much that I have never even taken a picture of it or with it. Crazy I know. Now that it's finally leaving I really wish I'd have gotten at least one and will even kinda miss it a little bit. I tried to not acknowledge it's existence but it was always there when I've gone for the past decade and in a way has subconsciously become part of DHS for me. I can definitely see how someone who only knows the hat will be upset and miss it. The greatest thing about Disney is each and every one of us have our own unique things that we love about the parks and for many the hat is one of those things. I feel sorry for the ones who will truly miss it because to them it truly is Disney and one of many things they love about the parks. Well here's to the future of DHS and a return to the Chinese Theater and a new generation of park guests who will grow to love it just as it was before by many.

Bing Bong

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See the thing that gets me is... why? Why does anyone have any sort of attachment to the hat? It is by far one of the worst "Icons" for a Disney Theme Park ever to be constructed. It doesn't house a great attraction or restaurant, or even have any real meaning to it. It's just the sorcerer's hat from Fantasia... all I have seen people whine about for keeping it is, they took pictures in front of it. Ok? And? Those pictures aren't going away unless you make them go away, and taking the hat away in a way makes those pictures more special.

I knew the park before the hat was built and it was so much nicer walking into the park with the Chinese theater marking the end of the street. I always loved how they set it up and the way the Chinese theater when I was a kid looked like a grand yet foreboding temple. I am super excited to see the hat go away for good, and I hope nothing replaces it except for either a garden, a small stage, or again just nothing. Let the Hollywood that never was and always will be continue to shine uninterrupted.

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