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Food & Wine Run Weekend w/ a Group of 9! Overwhelmed...


This trip is for the Food & Wine Festival Run weekend. It'll be me, my brother, and 5 of his friends. My parents are joining us for 2-3 days to see WDW for the first time then heading out to go to the Bahamas. I also might meetup with a few internet friends on one of the days inside the parks. My main concern is that I planned and pulled off an AMAZING WDW trip with just my husband and I back in 2018 but now I'm getting concerned about making reservations and coordinating for a party of 7-9 people for 10 days PLUS going off property for 1 day which I haven't done (this is also only my 2nd time going to WDW). Any suggestions on how to make this run smoothly? Below is a rough estimate of our itinerary atm. I know there's not much rest-time but we prefer it that way.

Day 1 - Redeye to MCO from LAX with my brother
Day 2 - Breakfast @ POR, get run bibs/checkout expo, go to epcot to meetup w/ friends and have an early dinner @ Biergarten then head to bed early
Day 3 - Everyone to Run 10k, cleanup at hotel, go to HS, lunch @ Mama Melrose's, early dinner then bed by 7pm
Day 4 - Brother and some of his friends run 1/2, me and the others go to breakfast @ Grand Floridian. Meetup at MK after run for rides/food. Meetup with my parents that evening for dinner @ either Disney Springs or hotel. They might even meet us at MK.
Day 5 - Full day @ Epcot with everyone. ADR @ Mexican restaurant & Space 220
Day 6 - Full day @ AK with everyone. ADR @ Yak & Yeti, drinks @ Nomad Lounge.
Day 7 - My brother and his friends are going rock hounding in the morning and I'll be going to Disney Springs with my parents until they need to depart. I'll then probably go back to the hotel to chill.
Day 8 - My brother and I are going to swim with the manatees in the morning/afternoon. Then go to AK, meetup w/ everyone else for the evening to see it at night.
Day 9 - Full day @ Epcot for drinking around the world. Dinner @ Takumi Tei for part of 4
Day 10 - Head home.

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