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For context, I will be staying in the AK Lodge, so I know the food there will be excellent. And in the AK park, Pandora and Harambe are good for quick service (I don’t want to do a table service restaurant in a park that closes at 6).

But I’m really wondering about my last two days: Epcot and MK.
Epcot will be a full day. I will be eating at the Garden Grill after doing Living With the Land, mainly for the view and the knowledge that what I’m eating was grown in that greenhouse. For dinner, I want to eat around the world, but my stomach isn’t bottomless so I need to be judicious. What are the must-have foods (and drinks) around the world?

For MK, I’ll be doing the Halloween party and coming through the gates at 4. I might do the Skipper Canteen, but maybe not. We do have left over passes to this park that we might cash in just so we can enjoy the park earlier, and in that case I’d be enjoying a cinnamon roll at Gaston’s. In any case, I’m primarily inquiring about Halloween food here. Anyone who’s been during one of these events, what are some great dishes?


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The season specific foods at Magic Kingdom haven't been that great or extensive (the savory options) but last year they were pretty good. IMHO I wouldn't waste my time with a table service as they have zero new offerings for the party and the prices and time required are dear.

To the best of my knowlege, none of the 2024 options have been announced yet, but here are the 2023 savory options:

Terrifyin’ Twice Spiced Chicken Sandwich is a spicy fried chicken breast dipped in hot honey topped with pepper jack cheese, jalapeño poppers, and bacon.
Snarling Sub: a meatball sub with spicy marinara, pesto, and pearl mozzarella teeth — all served on a black roll.
Pain and Panic Brat, which is Bratwurst, sweet and spicy onion relish, and sriracha mustard.
Pain and Panic Loaded Tots, which are tater tots topped with sweet and spicy onion relish, sriracha mustard, and crumbled bratwurst.
Tombstone Tart, which is a flaky pastry filled with strawberry-jalepeno jam and topped with sprinkles and sugar spiders.
Cajun Burger is a cajun-spiced beef patty topped with fried green tomato, Cajun Andouille dip, and Creole remoulade served on a black bun
Bucket of Bones is a serving of bone-in piggy wings fried with fresh jalapeños tossed in Coca-Cola Cherry barbecue sauce.
Char Siu Chicken Wings are whole chicken wings glazed in char siu and topped with chili threads and garlic.

For Epcot, I'd stick to the Food and Wine offerings but if you must sit I'd only recommend the Smokehouse or Biergarten but I'm an avowed carnivorous descendent of far Northern Europe peoples and Southern.
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My .02…
MK, the ONLY TS I would pick is Liberty Tree Tavern for their Patriots Platter and their dessert
If you want a QS option, our favorite food is the egg/spring rolls at the cart at the entrance to Adventureland…they always have 2 choices, the cheeseburger and they rotate the second one and you can never go wrong with a Casey’s hot dog.

For Epcot, Yorkshire Fish & Chips (as long as they’re not using Tilapia), Regal Eagle Smokehouse, the grapefruit beer at Sommerfest QS in Germany and then some FRESH caramel corn from the Werthers shop and lastly, you can’t leave the WS without some Schoolbread from the Kringla Og Bakeri in Norway…then just walk it off!! Lol
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