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Food portion cuts to increase profits?


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I think if they had said they would look into cutting portions to reduce food waste (because imagine how much food they throw away) no one would have had an issue.

This comment is gross and honestly surprising coming from a company where the parks are known to be more size inclusive than other options.
I heard that food waste on the DCL ships that dock in the Caribbean get converted to some sort of fuel to fuel the garage trucks in the islands.


On the edge of glory.
For a Fortune 500 company, it’s shocking to me that they don’t have someone training these people in the art of talking to the public. I work for a large organization (though nowhere near as large as Disney) and everyone who speaks to the press, the public, etc. is coached on what to say and how to say it in an uncontroversial way.

I could get behind smaller portions if prices are adjusted accordingly (they won’t be). I also wouldn’t mind them bringing smaller plates of food at the family style restaurants, as the amount of food I’ve seen wasted there is astronomical. Still let it be “all you care to enjoy” but bring less of it out each time.


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Let's also keep in mind many food items were already raised like $2-$5 average for most items. This all before the inflation that's hitting us right now. So those Cheeseburgers which were $14 that are now $18 are about to be $22...and smaller.

And after raising the prices they should just strike a deal with Krystal or White Castle to supply them. That’ll get the portion size way down for them.

HM Spectre

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Just more of the same... you will get less for more and you WILL like it.

I get that there's inflation happening in food prices but really...

Cut portions and cut prices? Fine.
Keep portions and raise prices? Fine.
Cut portions and raise prices (and cut quality?) Go pound sand.

We had dinner at BOG and CRT last trip and both portions made me sad. There was barely enough mashed potato on the plate to make more than a couple spoonfuls and there were more veggies on the kids' plate than mine. There is legitimately 0 reason that a $62 three-course meal should leave you feeling hungry afterwards and both did.

And to say it's good for people's waistlines... I'm not going on vacation to watch my waist and they don't try to sell us desserts and treats at every stop because they're concerned about it.

The execs will get what they deserve here. We've eaten virtually every meal at the parks during our trips. Not anymore. I'm not going to throw good money at meals when they're so blatantly testing how many cuts we're willing to stomach (pun intended lol).


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I'm sure many of us have traveled internationally or even to top rated restaurants in the US where portion sizes are more what we should be eating, and not what the main street American restaurant industry puts forth most places and times. But we've also experienced the quality of that food, freshness, presentation, the accompanying service, etc. Even if the food is pricey. Disney could wrap smaller portion sizes into something palatable by improving the dining experience...but who here expects that to happen?

Instead, your dining will be either rushed or slow depending on staffing levels and how fast they want to turn over tables. The pics of food always look nice on the Disney Parks Blog, but it rarely comes out of the kitchen looking like it's supposed to. Cold food, food that hasn't been trimmed well. General inconsistencies. And you'll be paying more for the privilege.


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I kind of appreciate the blunt honesty that demonstrates how little Disney leadership thinks of the idiots who like theme parks.

It is also shocking that they passed up the opportunity to launch Disney Wondrous Wastelines®. For a additional fee guests will be able to purchase smaller food portions with select orgEARnic food items (Subject to availability. OrgEARnic offerings may change at any time or be unavailable. No refunds.) Disney Wondrous Wastelines+ unlocks access to a variety of gluten free soft drinks.

Tom P.

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Pretty clearly over. Chapek does not even try to hide what he cares about.

And yeah, we all know "Disney is a business" and I'm sure every Disney CEO since Walt has wanted to make a lot of money. But you don't have to absolutely beat your customers over the head with how little you care about them...
Walt wanted to make money too. And he made lots of it. But he wanted to remain respectable while doing it.


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Walt wanted to make money too. And he made lots of it. But he wanted to remain respectable while doing it.

Exactly. That is the difference. He knew he did not have to force ways to nickel and dime by instead giving a product and high quality service that would have people wanting and not mending spending extra nickels and dimes in the total.

There is a reason the high quality theme parks outperform Vegas. Vegas is a lazier/easier money grab, but in the long run, quality earns more income.


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I can’t believe, of all companies, a company that LITERALLY MAKES HAND BAGS SHAPED LIKE HOT DOGS, a company that is pushing a PURPLE WRAPPER ON THEIR ICE CREAM AS A MAJOR CELEBRATION OF THEIR 50TH ANNIVERSARY, has the gall to, in PUBLIC, call out their guests for being fat.

I mean yeah. There are larger guests. But let’s be real. Disney doesn’t give a **** about health. This is the earnings call. This is a disgusting look. I wish I could be proud of this company again.


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Probably the same sections they show on Keys to the Kingdom, which are somewhat palatable. The "real" Utilidors, where you nearly vomit as a dumpster is somehow always being pushed by you no matter when your shift begins or ends, never gets shown to the public.
We took a Backstage Pass tour in 2019, which included some time walking around in the Utilidors. I don't recall noticing anything bad about them. Are there Utilidors in the MK that are different than the map below? That's where we went.



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We took a Backstage Pass tour in 2019, which included some time walking around in the Utilidors. I don't recall noticing anything bad about them. Are there Utilidors in the MK that are different than the map below? That's where we went.

View attachment 599954

You very likely saw only a small portion, as those tours really only go down the center spine and around the Main Street loop. I would be very surprised if you took a left or right turn and/or went very far in either direction at either end of the center spine.

The Empress Lilly

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Food portion sizes in America, and through cultural diffusion, increasingly elsewhere, are gross. Although profit, not healthy customers or a healthy planet seem to be TWDC's concern.

The smarter way forward, beyond 'Cost Cuts' Chapek crude ways, is to sell smaller but more f&b. More experience based, more spontaneous, more indispendable. Blue milk, butterbeer, food&wine. Everybody wants to consume Star Wars or taste the local specialty.
Then again, striving towards this through smaller portions is perhaps their precise goal, and they just went about it in a clumsy way by PRing it as caring about waistlines.

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