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Flying saucers vs TSMM

Which should I use a FP for?

  • Swirling saucers

    Votes: 2 6.1%
  • Toy story midway mania

    Votes: 31 93.9%

  • Total voters


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Hi everyone,

Which, in your opinions would be a better use of a fast pass? Midway mania or the new swirling saucers? The person I’m going with is up for any type of ride, and I’ve only been on TSMM. Any thoughts?
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I say TSMM especially if you and your companion are at all competitive. Swirling is a fine ride but I would never use a fastpass on it unless I had small children with me.


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The waits are usually comparable (today it is 45 minutes for one, 50 for the other) so if you are planning to fastpass one, standby the other I would standby TSMM since the queue is inside and air conditioned.


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The saucers arent that unique, or IMHO as much fun. If you havent been before and want to do them, then do the FP+ only to save yourself time standing in the heat. Thats been one major complaint people have had about TSL. TSMM IMHO is a better attraction, gives you a longer time of fun, you can compete with the person you are with, and is a better attraction to use a tier 1 FP+ on.


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Definitely TSMM. Saucers is a nice little ride, but you'll definitely benefit in terms of time (and fun!) with doing Toy Story Mania.
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