Flower and garden expands to 90 days in 2016


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First time I watched that video I didnt pay attention and thought he was saying the Figment band would cost 2500...


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Merchandise: meh. The only thing that might attract the attention of anyone in my family are the D&Bs, but Disney always carries very awkward designs and sizes, so it's easy to talk someone out of buying one.


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Mckenzies cherry is featured!!!! This stuff comes from a cider mill a mile from my childhood home. That's pretty tasty stuff but it's very sweet!!


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For a second there I thought Mulch, Sweat, and Shears was returning for an encore performance in Epcot. Then I read "Blood, Sweat, and Tears". . .
They are called American Martian now. They have been playing at HOB every month and a half to two months


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Thanks, JohnD. I must have been there on weekends in previous years, so I didn't notice. I'm bummed to miss it.

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