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FLORIDIAN's Universal revamp

Discussion in 'Universal Orlando' started by FlordIAN, Nov 7, 2017.

  1. FlordIAN

    FlordIAN New Member

    Nov 6, 2017
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    Despite Universal's recent improvements made, there are still a lot of improvements Universal needs to make it the best theme park possible.

    Universal Studios Florida:

    New York and San Francisco (elements of Miami are thrown in too) are merged into one "City" area of the park, and Spielburg's Lights! Camera! Action! from Universal Studios Singapore, is brought to Florida, as a way to pay homage to USF's past. The Florida version mimics a Category 5 Hurricane hitting Miami.

    Star Trek: Borg Encounter is added to Production Central, it's an indoor coaster, (Think Space Mountain, but faster and scarier, )

    Woody Woodpecker's Kidzone is demolished and replaced by Dreamworks Landing, SpongeBob Storepants is removed (but don't worry, I already have something in mind for Spongebob once we get to IOA). A Walk In The Park with Barney , Curious George, and Fievel's Playland are removed entirely, as quite frankly they are irrelevant amongst modern children. Shrek 4D is demolished at Production Central, and replaced by a new Shrek indoor water ride at Dreamwork's Landing (think a slighty more intense version of Pirates of the Carribean, called Shrek: Swamp Splashdown)

    Nintendo Land, Phase 1-

    Nintendo Land is a two phase project,

    Phase 1 invovles- Donkey Kong Mine Cart coaster (Based on the iconic DK Country level called Donkey Kong's Mine Cart Carnage), a Zelda dark ride with loads of special effects (rivaling Poseidon's Fury in terms of SFX) (called Zelda: Quest for the Triforce), A roller coaster (called Bowser's Castle, a new indoor/outdoor hybrid coaster, with lava and fire effects, with a large drop at the end), Mario Kart GP (a go kart track with special effects and "objects" that can be thrown at other racer's karts, causing the target to spin out.

    Phase 2 invovles a Metroid Walk Through/ laser tag attraction (Think like a walk through version of ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter, combined with Disney's Nostromo concept, called Mission: Metroid), an F-Zero Launch Coaster (Think Top Thrill Dragster, combined with the Hulk, called F-Zero Rocket Racers), A Star Fox shooter/simulator ride (MIB: Alien Attack but WAY faster, called Star Fox: Arwing Assault).

    Super Smash Bros show-A stage show where actors dressed as Nintendo characters "fight"

    Islands of Adventure-

    Super Hero Island only gets minor tweaks, Storm Force Accleration is made into an indoor ride with strobe lights, Special Effects, and Sound Effects.

    Toon Lagoon gets some of the absolute most radical changes, first the existing Toon Lagoon area is slowly rebuilt and repainted. Toon Lagoon is renamed and rethemed to Spongebob's NickToon Lagoon. Popeye is rethemed to Spongebob and the guests trying to stop Plankton's newest plan to steal the Krabby Patty formula. Dudley Doo-Right is also rethemed, as Rock Bottom plunge. Comic Strip Cafè, the worst restaurant on the Universal Property is transformed into the Krusty Krab, (all of the food now is made on property).

    JP doesn't really get a major change, except an update for Jurassic World to the area, and a new Pterodactyl flying coaster

    Lost Continent gets a MAJOR overhaul, A new coaster is added, The Wrath of Olympus, the first gigacoaster in Florida, beyond Mythos. Poseidon's Fury is returned to it's original plot. Sinbad however,

    WWoHP Hogsmeade is untouched, except for making Three Broomsticks a full table service restaurant.

    Seuss Landing gets a Grinch coaster (Family style coaster), and a Mt. Crumpit coaster (think Expedition: Everest)

    Island Skipper Tours return
  2. bhg469

    bhg469 Well-Known Member

    Mar 3, 2003
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    It all sounds neat but of they get that land they want... Oh boy there is so much room for improvement!

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