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Florida Springs and Alligator attacks


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As a Floridian, some of our favorite places to go in Florida have been the Central Florida springs areas. One of our favorites is only about 30 minutes north of Orlando. We have loved summer swimming in the cold crystal clear water springs and occasionally see quite a bit of wildlife. We have even seen a small gator or two, but they have always stayed away from the people.

But last night, driving home from Epcot, we were driving through the Ocala National Forest on hwy 19 and passed a lot of police cars and emergency vehicles at Juniper Run. We thought there might have been a wreck, but today, I heard that a dismembered woman was found there who was apparently the victim of a gator attack. This was the third person killed in a week and a half by an alligator.

While I have not visited Juniper Run (a canoeing run, and a locals swimming spot), I HAVE visited Juniper Springs state park which is soooo beautiful. I never worried too much about gators there because the water was sooooo crystal clear that you can see clearly 8 feet down (clearer than pool water).
But after this week, I am not sure I will swim in the springs any more.

It is weird to have so many gator attacks lately. I already had to give up ocean swimming because of all the shark attacks.... But gators REALLY scare me. They say that they grab ahold of you and take you to the bottom and roll and roll with you to drown you first. Then they eat their prey later... not exactly a fun thought in my opinion.

I know Disney keeps a close eye out for gators and removes them from their properties whenever they are spotted, please keep in mind that this IS Florida and gators ARE wild. And anywhere where there is fresh water in Florida there COULD be gators. So please be careful when boating and being around the canals and watery areas anywhere in Florida.


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It's due to the drought they are having down there... that and its mating season for gators. they are going farther to find water and mates and become real agressive. Just remember this about lakes, ponds and streams in FL, there is atleast 1 gator in it. Up here (North Florida) even small retaining ponds have a gator.


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I've always been afraid to swim in the lakes in Florida for exactly this reason, but this pretty much seals the deal. We've been to Juniper Springs several times with my brother, and it truly is a beautiful spot. My heart goes out to the families of these latest tragedies.
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