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Florida resident passes


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I think if they’re under 18 you can. Assuming you’re planning to be there when they use them. A Florida resident will need to show us when picking up the tickets and possibly when first using them. Though maybe that info is old. Can’t hurt to call and ask.


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6 grandkids, 6 years old to 14 yrs old.
The wording of the rule is all underage must have the same address as the resident purchasing the tickets. Good news you can verify the resident online so I don't know how they would check the kids. Might be good to go but I don't know for sure if they check somehow.


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They use to have it for grandkids 18 years and under as long as the Florida resident was buying the tickets which we did. Maybe that is still the case. I'm going to call ahead and find out. Thanks!!

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