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Flash Flooding at Magic Kingdom


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It happens occasionally during an extreme sudden downpour and we’ve had a few of those in recent weeks. It has happened before over in Tomorrowland near PeopleMover as well. It’s not an everyday thing but sometimes the rain comes down so fast the drainage can’t keep up. It’s usually only like that for a short time and then drains out normally.


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In the Parks


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Definitely been in a few storms that have left puddles over ankle deep for a while. I recall one over at the Dumbo stroller parking. We were in the Big Top Souvenirs, but I had to venture out to make sure the rain cover was secure. Also think a few of the pathways by the scary clown pool had similar issues. I'm sure there are plenty of others, but those come to mind.


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Remember this?

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The sad thing is the park level is 14 feet above the surrounding ground level, water should be flowing like Niagara out of the place. I can only imagine what the utilidor entrance looked like.
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