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First timers at POR Resort.. General thoughts on food?


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For our last few trips to WDW have stayed at the Wilderness Lodge and Poly. This year we are making a switch to POR (in any attempts at saving a few dollars).

We are very used to 'knowing' the ropes around the Poly and WL in terms of food and other amenities, but have zero clue around the POR.

Using the DDP, our plans almost always include Quick Service Breakfast at the resort with a snack for lunch and full-service dinner someplace later in one of parks.

From what I can gather it seems Riverside Mill is the stop for the QS Breakfast while at the Riverside - but do you have other suggestions in the resort area (French Quarter or Riverside)?

Any recommendations for full service dinners the French Quarter or Riverside? Anything to avoid?

We will be there end of June / early July for 8 nights. Yes, we are already well experienced with the heat and crowds during that time of year.

Thank you for any insights!


The few times we stayed at POR we only ate there for breakfast and dinner once. The make your own pasta bowl is good and while on the ddp we just got the kids breakfast plate and saved the QS credit for lunch. But they have the basic breakfast items like most resorts. If you want something unique walk/boat over to French quarter for some jambalaya for dinner it's still qs but was really good.


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The only full servIce restaurant for both POR/POFQ is Boatwright’s, which is located at POR and is only open for dinner.

The food court at POR is larger than the one at POFQ, so you’ll have a few more options at mealtime. Food tends to skew creole at POFQ and beignets are available here.


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PORS has the best selection of food. The quality is also better IMHO. Boatwrights has gotten some meh reviews from people in the past but we dined there on our last trip and was pleasantly surprised by the quality of food and excellent service we encountered. When having breakfast at POFQ I enjoy the biscuits and gravy, they count a a snack. The beignets of course are what they are known for.


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Both PO food courts are probably some of the best in Disney property. If you appreciate Cajun and creole spices you'll love FQ. Burgers and pastas at both resorts are also very good. Desserts are also extremely good.


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Thank you all very much for your input. All good information to have while we plan our itinerary.
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