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First Time to SeaWorld in 15 Years [TR]


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Went to SeaWorld twice last week, not having gone to the parks since Christmas 2003. That was the one and only time I had ever gone before, because when I go to Orlando I typically stay at either Disney or Universal and don't go elsewhere. So glad I decided to go this time.

I bought a 3-day, ticket with all-day dining online through Visit Orlando and they had the best price. My plan was to visit Busch Gardens too, but I did not get up in time to catch the bus after staying up late for HHN (d'oh!). It was only $25 more to get the 3rd day, so I thought why not?

Still, it was a great day to visit SeaWorld last Monday. Short waits for the rides, though the shows I saw were mostly full. Arrived shortly after opening and stayed until 5:00pm. The all-day locker was worth the extra $15 vs paying for each ride. I did the following rides and shows:

Kraken, Mako, Manta, Infinity Falls, Antartica, Atlantis, One Ocean, Dolphin Days, Sea Lion High + I visited the sting ray petting area and the manatees

Kraken was the best coaster IMO. Manta was unlike any other I've been on, but kind of uncomfortable for me. Mako was hilarious IMO because it's basically Behemoth at Canada's Wonderland. Same vehicles and similar track layout (also over a lake). Atlantis was a lot of fun and I was not expecting the second drop. Not the best dark ride, but they tried. I don't know what FX are not working (if any). Antartica was...a thing? Is that little room before you board supposed to do something? The "wild" side wasn't really that, but at least the penguins are cute (holy cow is that area COLD!). Infinity Falls was better than KRR at AK.

I saw Sea Lion High last, and that was a mistake. The other shows were better, though Lion had some good gags it was obviously geared more towards children. I unexpectedly picked a spot at Dolphin Days where one of the bird handlers were standing right next to me so I got a good view of them. I sat in the "splash" zone at One Ocean thinking "how wet can you really get?" and got soaked. Was not expecting the "trick" where the whales intentionally splash you.

One the 2nd day (Wed) I just went in the late afternoon to ride Kraken, Atlantis (x2), look at the Dolphin Nursery and grab dinner. Infinity Falls was not open. Missed the last show of Pet's Ahoy! so that was the one show I didn't see all trip (excluding Countdown to Halloween).

Overall I liked SeaWorld better than any 2nd gate at WDW and would rank it third behind IoA and MK. Ticket and food combos are a better value and it's nice to talk to the animal trainers/caretakers who are always willing to answer questions. Coasters are better and it's not as busy. SeaWorld may outdo WDW in terms of saccharine music, lol. The entry loop and One Ocean soundtracks were pretty cheesy.

I took the Lynx bus from Disney Springs most trips. It's $2 each way and picks you up just west of Cirque and drops you off just outside the parking lot on Sea Harbor Drive. The only downside is hiking across the hot lot to get to the trusstiles. I got lucky not waiting long most trips, but coming back on the 2nd day I waited about 30 min for the bus to come (not that such a thing ever happens at WDW, right? ;)).


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So glad you had fun!! I've always really LOVED SeaWorld. It's my 2nd fave park after Magic Kingdom! I love the element of adventure and exploring that I don't really feel at the other parks, as much as I love them.
We love Seaworld but I disagree about the food value. I think it’s cheaper than Disney, but I feel they fall well short on quality. Value is very subjective though! Busch is by far the worst Florida park for food...never had a positive experience there.

We love it there though. We like to do it after a Disney day, as Disney is manic and Seaworld is just overall much more chilled out. No planning required.

Very pleased to see their attendance on the climb. Amazing what investment, and free beer, can do!
That's funny Kraken is my least favorite coaster out of the 3. I think I've come to realize that I truly hate when my head is banging all over the place, even if I try to hold it back. For me the other 2 are actually fun and I'm not focusing on keeping my head still the whole time.

I recently grabbed an AP for $80 in May and I've now gone a few times after not going in over a decade. It's definitely a change of pace from Universal/Disney, but I have enjoyed it.
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