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First large group WDW trip


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Hi all! My family of 4 are WDW regulars. We’ve travelled with 6 before, but this trip we will have 9. What are the best lodging options on property to keep everyone close/together? Treehouse sleeps 9 but seems out of range price wise and for availability. AOA suites sleep only 6. Any suggestions would be great! We will have 6 adults and 3 kids. Thanks!!!

X-S Press Matt

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I slept 8 adult men for my Bachelor Party using a 2 bedroom Villa at Bay Lake Towers. Two in the master, 4 in the other bedroom and then you can sleep 3 in the living room. It was plenty of space for all of us. So I would look at a 2 bedroom villa so cut down on cost a bit more. Old Key West have the biggest rooms and will be the cheapest of the 2BR Villas. I stayed there last year and there is a ton of room!
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