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Fireworks During the Holidays


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We just booked our trip to Disney World for early December. We've gone during this time several times. This time we're going we're only doing 5 days, so pretty much just a day at each park. We've elected to not do Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party, we've seen it before and didn't want to spend the money on it. My question is... Do they still do a fireworks show (Holiday Wishes/Happily Ever After) every night? The day we are going to MK it shows the park closes at 6pm. I know that means there's a Christmas party that night after hours, but do they do a firework show for regular guests before the park closes for regular guests? We might alter our plans to a different night, if they don't. Thanks in advance.


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No there is no firework shows for regular guests on party nights prior to closing at 6pm. So if you want to see HEA you need to go on a night they don't close early for MVMCP. ;)


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I don't know if it'll be different going forward, but while I was working there during the 2016 holiday season, there were no fireworks or castle shows for non-party guests during party nights–Magic Kingdom closed at 7pm (and like you've said, is now closing a full hour earlier to give CMs more time to prepare), which is too early for nighttime shows. If I'm remembering correctly, after Christmas (from the 26th up until New Years Day) the Christmas parties were done away with, and the Christmas parade and Holiday Wishes were scheduled during regular hours (minus party-specific perks like new roaming characters, Christmas treats, etc.) and on Dec. 30th and NYE, MK does both Holiday Wishes and Fantasy in the Sky for all guests. You said you're going in early Dec. though so that's probably a moot point.

Is there any way you can switch around your schedule to visit MK on a non-party night? From what I can tell, you'll probably miss HEA and OUAT otherwise.


Love a little Disney every day!! ;)
Thanks for the info!!!
I think we've decided to just go to MVMCP after all. Seems easier to do that than switch our plans.

Just know the fireworks show will not be HEA it's Holiday Wishes during MVMCP so it will not be what you see on a regular night. Totally different but awesome. ;)

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