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FireStick in Resort Hotel?


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Hey all,

I'm sure this was likely addressed a good 5 or more years ago when the tech was somewhat new, but... well, I'm an older dog and it takes me a while to learn new tricks. We are headed to WDW (let's not argue that here) next week and with more time in our room, we were thinking of bringing our Amazon FireStick. Anyone done this before or know if it will have any issues in the resort TVs? We are staying split between Saratoga and Old Key West.

Thanks for any insight or help.


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It’s been several years, but we have successfully done it. I can’t remember specifics. Hopefully someone else here can walk you through it.


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Can a FireStick log in to a wifi signal that requires you to log in through a web page "splash screen" where you'd normally have to accept terms and conditions, etc? I know my Chromecast can't. If I were to travel with it I'd have to bring along a travel router that can hardwire connect in the room and then provide a wifi network for the device to connect to.



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The page sign in went away awhile back. You just plug the stick into the tv. It will find the available. Wi-if network and just click on it no password needed. The quality is usually good but it can be hit or miss. They were in the process of upgrading their WiFi.

Something to keep in mind - Disney WiFi is not secure in the least bit. I’ve been hacked 3 times total. So, I started using a travel router. It connects to their WiFi and then generates another WiFi network that is secure. The set up is a little involved but nothing crazy just following directions.


I used my fire stick back in February and it worked with no problems. Picture was just as good as it is at home.


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Sorry, I thought I saw that photo in one of her videos 😅
My profile pic? Maybe she’s a cousin (though I don’t have a cousin Molly). I found the profile pic going through old photos at my folks. The kiddo is me and I was horrified (recently) at Minnie’s face! Those eyelashes!

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